Hillgrove is committed to working in partnership with the local stakeholders and communities to achieve sustainable benefits for all. In particular, we want to ensure that the local community benefits from hosting the mine.

Hillgrove has consulted with the community since 2005 regarding our activities in the local region. The Kanmantoo-Callington Community Consultative Committee (KCCCC) is the current forum for consultation, and details of meetings are available at the KCCCC web site. We look forward to meeting you.

Hillgrove’s local hire and procurement policies ensure that the majority of the expenditure stays in the region, providing a multiplier effect to the local economy. Intensive on the job training in STEM skills for local residents allows them to leverage into future careers.

In addition to the direct economic injection, the mining operation at Kanmantoo has also resulted in vital infrastructure development, including power, water, roads, warehousing, seed cultivation facilities and valuable native vegetation and habitats. Careful planning of this infrastructure post mining provides an opportunity to create lasting value in the region long after the last tonne is produced, through agri-business, light industrial activity, recreation and tourism. A living example of how mining can benefit the community is the Master Plan.

The Master Plan

In 2014 Hillgrove sought a mine life extension. Naturally the community were anxious as to the impact this may have which resulted in extensive consultation. It was during this deeper engagement that opportunities were identified to modify the mine’s closure and completion plan to improve the community outcomes whilst still meeting all regulatory requirements and not increasing the cost of closure. These initially focussed on revegetation with a clear desire from the community to orientate the vegetation program to create large green corridors which linked remnant vegetation beyond the mining lease with the work being done on lease and surrounding Hillgrove properties. Hillgrove agreed and amended the closure plan. And with this, the first seeds of the Master Plan were planted.

This led to discussions about post site uses which may provide opportunities for local economic development, making use of the existing water and electrical infrastructure that would otherwise be removed post mining, before evolving further to consider the long-term aspirations of the region beyond the mine. At this point the project ideas began rolling in, and it was clear that a framework needed to be developed to ensure that the area grew in a controlled and planned manner, and projects not only interlinked with one another, but were connected through a visual narrative which captured the critical elements unique to the region; including fauna, flora, indigenous and colonial heritage, and pulled together in such a way that spurs economic development, but retains and enhances the culture and identity.

This was the birth of the of the Master Plan. Click here to learn more.

Best practice approach: Hillgrove and the KCCCC recognised for Community Excellence by the Hon Steven Marshall MP Premier of South Australia

Out and about with Hillgrove

Hillgrove is a proud sponsor of the Bridgewater Callington Raiders Football Club and the Bremer Callington Cricket Club, and congratulate them on their efforts and look forward to our continued association. We also support the Callington Agricultural and Horticultural Show and Christmas Pageant and value being approached regarding local events and any support we may provide. Requests for donations should be made in writing outlining the benefit to the local community and forwarded to the Kanmantoo Mine Site Office, Attention Site Administrator.

Community Engagement

Hillgrove is committed to being a responsible member of the local communities in which we operate by:

  • maintaining an economically sustainable and responsible business;
  • open and inclusive stakeholder engagement;
  • contributing to the local, regional, state and national economy;
  • partnering with local stakeholders and communities to enhance community capacity; and
  • contributing to local environmental sustainability.

Hillgrove has consulted with the community since 2005 regarding Hillgrove’s activities in the local region. The Kanmantoo-Callington Community Consultative Committee (KCCCC) is the current forum for consultation, and contact details of meetings can be supplied upon request.

For further information regarding the Company’s Sustainability Vision, including environmental performance and social responsibility, or to raise a concern directly with a Company representative, please email via info@hillgroveresources.com.au or call us on 08 7070 1698.