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Kanmantoo Copper Mine Community Committee

The Kanmantoo-Callington Community Consultative Committee (KCCCC) was established in January 2007, and took over from the informal Kanmantoo Callington Community Forum that had been meeting since mid-2005.

The KCCCC is a key mechanism for community engagement related to the operations and eventual closure of the Kanmantoo Copper Mine.  The membership of the Committee is drawn from the local community and endorsed by South Australia's Director of Mines, in consultation with the independent Chair.

Open meetings are held regularly and advertised in the local community and on our website.  All interested parties are encouraged to attend to observe proceedings and ask questions.

The Committee’s current Terms of Reference, meeting agendas and notes, reports and information sheets are available on the KCCCC website by clicking the link below.


Members of the Callington and Kanmantoo communities are invited to attend the next Kanmantoo-Callington Community Consultative Committee meeting at:  

Thursday 7th March 2019
7:30pm to 9:30pm
at Callington Memorial Hall