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Consulting With Relevant Parties

Hillgrove makes every effort to consult and liaise with all relevant parties on a project, and is particularly mindful of landowner and stakeholder concerns. All our exploration activities are conducted in accordance with Government guidelines to a best practice standard and we endeavour to ensure the areas where we work are rehabilitated very rapidly.

Socialisation Programmes

The socialisation programme is a necessary preliminary step prior to the commencement of on-ground activities in any area. The socialisation process is the initial phase of local community consultation during which Hillgrove’s credentials and exploration intentions are introduced to local communities and other major stakeholders who live within an exploration license area.

Hillgrove, through its local Indonesia based partner PT Akram Resources, undertook a socialisation phase in regard to activities for its Bird’s Head Project (Hillgrove 80%) in West Papua. Using a long boat sourced out of Sorong and travelling along the northern coast of Kepala Burung, our representatives visited the districts (sub-Kabupaten) and villages of Sausapor, Werur, Werur Besar, Hopmare, Abun, Waiben, Wau and Warmandi. Representatives from the communities included heads of local tribes, religious leaders, district and village heads, schools, police and security forces

A similar programme has been undertaken by Hillgrove at its tenements in Sumba, through its local Indonesia based partner PT Fathi Resources, visiting local villages with a view to understanding local practices and labour requirements, and has held meetings in Waingapu and Wangametti to discuss activities, boundaries and the environmental impacts of drilling.

The seminar on drilling, was included due to the heightened concern about mining activities since the mud disaster in Java, and highlighted the differences and minimal impact on the environment mineral exploration and drilling has when compared to oil and gas programmes.

Employment Opportunities

Hillgrove is mindful that we are operating in and around local communities and it is our greatest wish to see as many people as possible benefit from our presence. We utilise services, businesses and hire locally wherever possible.

The hire of locals for a wide variety of roles has been undertaken at both projects as supplies were bought in and base camps built and manned to support the field crews. Local Geologists and field assistants have also been recruited for the extensive field programmes.

Out and About with Hillgrove

Hillgrove is proud to sponsor local events and causes and values being approached regarding any support we may provide.


We are mindful that we are operating in and around local landowners and communities and it is our greatest wish to see all benefit from our presence.