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Hillgrove’s vision is to be a leader in Workplace Health and Safety, and create a safe and enjoyable working environment for its employees, detailed in the Health, Safety and Environmental Policies.

To support this vision, Hillgrove has created an Integrated Management System Framework (IMS) that consists of 10 key standards to ensure safety is integrated in all facets of its business. 

The IMS forms the basis for the development and application of the Hillgrove Resources Health, Safety and Environment Risk Management System (HSEMS).

HSE Policies, Plans, Procedures and Processes developed for each IMS standard provide a structured framework for effective HSE practices across Hillgrove’s operations.

The IMS Framework is based on the elements of OHSAS 18000 and is essential to drive continuous improvement of the system.

All employees and contractors working at Hillgrove have specific responsibilities for observing and maintaining a safe working environment.  Hazard analysis, meetings, inspections, audits and training are actively conducted to facilitate effective consultation and continuous improvement with regard to our HSE system and performance.