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The Kanmantoo Copper Mines are now operating an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) located on a ridgeline approximately 1.5km SW from the centre of mining operations. The AWS was manufactured in South Australia by Measurement Engineering Australia and is configured to directly measure air temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall. These measurements also allow us to calculate evaporation, daylight hours, Chilling Days, Degree Days and Frost Hours.

AWS data collected from the Kanmantoo Copper Mines system is generally representative of weather conditions in the Kanmantoo/Callington area. It is important to note that weather parameters, in particular rainfall and evaporation, will vary significantly to the east and west of Kanmantoo, so care should be taken when using or interpreting this data. The AWS functions by taking readings from all sensors every 3 seconds, 24-hours per day. Readings are averaged and recorded every 10 minutes. This data is analysed to produce summary reports for the 24-hour period to 9.00am each day. Data is accessed by Hillgrove staff through a mobile phone link, which allows us to read the data logger files remotely.

If you have any questions relating to the AWS, the Kanmantoo Copper Mines Environmental Management Program or would like to obtain a full data file from the AWS, please contact John Crocker, Environmental Advisor – Kanmantoo Copper Mines by email to john.crocker@hillgroveresources.com.au or call on (08) 8538 6816


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