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As part of exploration activities and the desire to grow the Kanmantoo Copper Mine resource to extend the targeted mine life of the project, Hillgrove undertook a routine, mineral exploration helicopter survey over its Exploration License (EL4401) from late April to mid May.

The geophysical survey system used was a high frequency electromagnetic sensing technique designed to help identify geological areas that have prospectivity for minerals. Hillgrove is utilising this broad-scale data to focus on areas of interest. It also has groundwater applications that may prove useful to all parties, including those reliant on bores.

The helicopter flies at low altitude over crop and grazing land, avoiding all residences and people to comply with FAA and CASA safety requirements. Although the survey is considered routine and safe in mineral exploration, it can cause a short inconvenience to usual pastoral activities as the helicopter presence and noise may cause sensitive stock to disperse. Consequently, we provided an overview survey area map of the pastoral blocks affected by the survey that was conducted. Further detail is also included in the links below.


The helicopter flew 518 line kilometres in a belt running north from Woodchester to Mount Torrens, as shown on the map above and attached below. The survey largely surrounded, but avoided the township of Kanmantoo, with all other townships avoided.

The overflying of properties took place periodically over the course of an hour or two, as the aircraft flew along pre-determined survey lines between 100m and 200m apart in an east-west direction. The duration was determined by the size of a property, so smaller properties were only affected for a matter of minutes.

The survey ran from 30 April to 16 May and has now been completed. The timing and details of each area the survey flew over are provided below.  The data received will now be processed and assesed for future exploration potential.

Should we not have provided the information you require in the attached data sheets please email info@hillgroveresource.com.au or call the Kanmantoo office: Dave Rawlings, Exploration Manager on 08 8538 6800.

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Members of the Callington and Kanmantoo communities are invited to attend the next Kanmantoo-Callington Community Consultative Committee meeting at:  

Thursday 7th March 2019
7:30pm to 9:30pm
at Callington Memorial Hall

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Hillgrove holds a mining lease over the old Kanmantoo Mine and exploration licences over surrounding areas.


We are mindful that we are operating in and around local landowners and communities and it is our greatest wish to see all benefit from our presence.